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Remote Education Information

In line with the latest Department for Education guidance, we have returned to our pre COVID-19 arrangements in relation to remote education. This means we no longer be providing live lessons to pupils who are absent from school. Whilst this approach was very successful in supporting pupils at home during the height of the pandemic, it often limited what teachers were able to deliver to the pupils in the classroom. If pupils are too ill to attend school, they are also too ill to complete any school work. Prior to COVID-19, teachers have always supported pupils to catch up missed learning when they return to school from a short absence due to illness and this continues. Where pupils are unable to physically attend school but are able to continue learning e.g. recovering from an operation, the school  will provide work (usually via Microsoft Teams) for pupils to complete or direct them to relevant online content in order to ensure they do not fall behind with their studies. It will not be possible to provide links to live lessons or personalised programmes of work. In such instances, we ask parents to contact the school office who will liaise with subject teachers.

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