At Kirkburton Middle School we take Children’s safety very seriously.  For E-Safety, we try to keep pupils and staff up to date with Privacy Settings.  Pupils are introduced to this topic from day one, when they receive their individual Network Password and are made aware of the school’s acceptable use of ICT and Internet Use policy.  In their planner, the pupils and their parents/carers are asked to read, sign and agree to these policies.

Throughout their time at Kirkburton Middle School, E-safety and Cyberbullying is mentioned as part of the curriculum and assembly topics.  The school enjoys taking part in SID (Safer Internet Day) each February.  A number of staff members are Trainers or Ambassadors of CEOP and use their knowledge to talk to the pupils and have invited parents from KMS and our pyramid First Schools to attend an E-Safety Evening.  Below are some of the resources used at the evening.

If you would like further information or advice you may prefer to speak to Mrs Senior, Acting Deputy Head, or Mr Taylor, Headteacher.

Kirklees Online Safety

TikTok - Safeguarding

Parents and Pupils – if using the Momo game, please read here –

To try and help parents with the fast moving and changing world of internet and social media we attach and have suggested a few internet site links that contain information on different types of social media and how to help keep children safe.

Online Safety

Every Wednesday, National Online Safety send out practical, easy to follow guides which focus on specific risks we think you need to be aware of. Worth a look/follow.

National Online Safety  – FOLLOW ON TWITTER

National Online Safety  – LIKE ON FACEBOOK

National Online Safety  – VISIT OUR WEBSITE

The 1 minute video below is an introduction to CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre)

Parents Section For Parental Controls etc

(thanks to Oldham E-Safety Week Resources, CEOP )

K9 Web Protection – Free internet filtering

Safe Families – Internet filtering and parental control we-blocker

X3watch – accountability program that reports on questionable sites visited

Messaging Apps

Children’s Section Online Safety

Chatdanger How to keep safe while chatting online by Childnet International
Think U Know Part of the child exploitation and online protection (CEOP)
Childnet Sorted keep your Information secure online
CEOP main site Child exploitation and online protection (CEOP)
Internet Watch Foundation  for reporting illegal content

Kids Search Engines


Kids Browsers

Firefly Web Browser Web Browser made for kids – This free Web browser gives young kids a safer place to browse the Web, although configurations are slim and can’t be customized for multiple children.

Filter Content In Popular Search Engines

Google Safe Search  
Click HERE “The best kids sites on the net”

 Parental Information

Vodafone’s Digital Parenting Magazine


Play your part for a better internet!

Safer Internet Day is a truly collaborative campaign, and at the UK Safer Internet Centre we want to help all of our partners to help to spread the word. We know that many schools put on a variety of activities to equip their students as well as to support promote Safer Internet Day. If you’re looking to promote your schools’ activities you might like to use the template press release below to contact your local paper and help spread the word.

Press release

Kirkburton Middle School supports Safer Internet Day

KMS is joining hundreds of other organisations across the UK in celebrating Safer Internet Day and promoting the safe and responsible use of technology.

To celebrate the day,  KMS holds special assemblies and discusses e-safety within lessons.

We focus on both the creative and positive things that children and young people are doing online, as well as the role that we all play in helping to create a better internet.

Safer Internet Day (SID) is organised in the UK by the UK Safer Internet Centre.

All users have a responsibility in making the internet a better place. Whether children and young people, parents and carers, educators or social care workers, or indeed industry, decision makers or politicians, everyone has a role to play.

In championing a better internet, the theme recognises the balance between encouraging users to embrace and empowering them to make the most of the positive opportunities offered online, while responding to, dealing with and moving past the negative online.

There are ways in which all users can contribute:

Children and young people can help to create a better internet by being kind and respectful to others online and seeking positive and safe opportunities to create, engage and share online.

Parents and carers can help to create a better internet by maintaining an open and honest dialogue with their children about their online lives, supporting them with their online activity (as appropriate to their age), particularly any concerns and issues, and seeking out positive opportunities to share with their children online. They can help to respond to the negative by modelling positive online behaviours themselves, and also by reporting any inappropriate or illegal content they find.

Educators and social care workers can help to empower children and young people to embrace the positive by equipping them with the digital literacy skills they require for today’s world, and giving them opportunities to use – and create – positive content online. They can help to respond to the negative by supporting young people if they encounter problems online, and by giving them the confidence and skills to seek help from others.

Industry has a role to play by creating – and promoting – positive content and services online. They can empower users to respond to the negative by ensuring that there are the right tools for users, that there are clear channels and transparent procedures for reporting and quick and easy access to support if things do go wrong.

Decision makers and politicians need to provide the culture in which all of the above can function and thrive – for example, by ensuring that there are opportunities in the curriculum for children to learn and teachers to teach about online safety, ensuring that parents and carers have access to appropriate information and sources of support, and that industry are encouraged to self regulate their content and services.

Are you an accidental outlaw? take the test and see –  – This is a really interesting website – I learned so much! – Mrs W

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