The morning session runs from 08.55 until 12.10

The afternoon session runs from 13.10 until 15.35

Please also view our Attendance and Punctuality Policy by clicking here

Parents should notify school by 10.00 if children are not well enough to come to school.  School will normally contact parents by phone on the first day of absence as soon as possible after 10.00 if we have not been given a reason for absence by this time.

Parents are asked to keep all holidays in term time to a minimum.  However, if leave of absence is requested beforehand, permission may be given in exceptional circumstances for up to ten days leave of absence.  Pupils are responsible for catching up with any work they miss.

Year 6 pupils should not be removed from school during the week of the Key Stage 2 Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs).

If pupils have a medical appointment during the day, parents should write a note in their Planner that can be shown to the Form Tutor and the School Office.

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