Parent Meetings

Parents and pupils in year 6, 7 and 8 are invited to pastoral meetings with their child’s Tutor during the first half term of the academic year to ensure pupils have settled well into school This gives pupils and parents an opportunity to discuss any concerns they may have. Subject specific parent/pupil meetings are held at a later date in the year during the Spring Term.

SUBJECT Parents evening 2020


Year 8 Meetings – Thurs 23 Jan, Tues 28 Jan
Year 6 Meetings – Thurs 6 Feb, Tues 11 Feb
Year 7 Meetings – Thurs 5 Mar, Tues 10 Mar
We have updated our booking system, this should work equally well on desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

  • Click the link and select the appropriate Parent’s Evening.
  • Find your child’s subject tutor.
  • Select an appropriate date and  time slot.
  • Enter your email address, child’s name and the name, or relationship to the child, of one of the people attending.
  • You can add brief notes for the teacher if you choose to. This is not required.
  • If you choose to save these details for future bookings, it will make the process quicker for the subject meetings when booking multiple appointments.
  • Check the details and Complete the booking.  You can click one of the 3 icons to add the meeting to your Google/Outlook/Apple calendar.
  • You can then repeat this process for the other subjects (*you will not need to re-enter email and name details etc)

You will receive an email with the booking details, please keep this, there is a link to cancel/reschedule.  Check your spam folder if you have not received the email.   Please ensure that you are prompt for the meeting, each slot is 10 minutes and staff are often fully booked up. You can cancel or reschedule up to the week of the meeting using the green link in the email.  After this, if you are unable to attend an appointment at the last minute, call school on 01484 222737, thank you.

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