As you are aware, all schools in England are closed from Friday 20th March to all but a small group of pupils. This page outlines-

  • how we will operate as a school during the period of closure
  • what support you can expect from school staff during period of closure
  • where you can access further information and guidance

All pupils are expected to work from home during the closure and the work set has been carefully selected and planned by teaching staff to ensure pupils are consolidating prior learning or completing new learning which will be consolidated on return to school.  All work will be set via Class Charts. Initially, work will be set for the two weeks running up until Easter; should the school remain closed after Easter, work will be set on either a weekly or a fortnightly basis depending on the subject. If you don’t know your log in details for Class Charts, please contact the school office. Alternatively you can view all work set on the school’s homework calendar (further details can be found towards the end of this letter). We have provided paper packs of work to some pupils and all year 6 have been given a booklet containing English and maths work. We’ve also got a dedicated section of the school website which contains all the key information you’ll need during the school closure.

As with pupils, school staff will be remotely throughout the school closure period and they can be contacted by email during their normal working hours. Our staff email addresses follow the format: For example, if we had a staff member called Andrew Smith, his email address would be:  A full staff list can be found in the ‘school info’ section of the website. If your enquiry is of a more general nature, please contact the school office: . Emails will be checked twice per day however staff will only respond between 9am and 3.30pm.

The period of forced school closures is an unsettling time for many families and as a school, we aim to continue to support our pupils in every way possible. In addition to learning resources being provided, the Safeguarding team in school will also be monitoring the welfare of our most vulnerable children.

If your family is open to a Child Protection, Child in Need, Team around the family plan or they are a Looked after Child, you can expect a minimum of two phone calls from school per week. This gives school the opportunity to maintain contact but more importantly to provide a continuum of support, remotely to our families. Home visits may be required and should this be the case, school will follow guidance from the DFE and the Local Authority.

Should any of our families have concerns around the Safety or Wellbeing of children from our school community you can contact members of the Safeguarding team directly for advice or support on the following email address;

Mrs Senior – Safeguarding Lead

Mr MacIntyre – Deputy Safeguarding Lead

In addition, please take note of the services listed at the bottom of this page, which can offer support independent support and advice for young people and families.

We hope that all staff, pupils and families will remain well during the closure period; we trust you will follow all government advice in order to keep you and your families safe. If during the period of closure your child becomes ill with either suspected Covid 19 or a confirmed case, please notify school at your earliest convenience on:

Whilst my first ten weeks at Kirkburton Middle School have brought some of the most challenging times of my career to date, they have also been some of the best. Although we are entering an unprecedented situation, one thing I am certain about is that I am extremely lucky to be the Headteacher of such a fantastic school. I can assure parents and the wider community that our highly dedicated and professional staff group will continue to work hard over the coming weeks for the good of all those associated with Kirkburton Middle School.

I wish you and your family well over the period of the school closure and greatly look forward to our return to school.

Class charts

Parent log in

Parent guide

Full school homework calendar

All pupils should have a code to allow them to access Classcharts for homework, or for work for those pupils who are self-isolating.

If you are not able to access your Classcharts, you can still access the work from the school homework calendar, via the link below.

  1. When the homework calendar comes up, click “Display by issue date”
    This will show the work that has been set this week.
    Use the PREVIOUS and NEXT buttons to check other weeks.
  2. As the calendar shows all homework for the school, it is useful to filter them using the white boxes at the top.

E.g. in the “Year” putting 6 would show only Year 6 work.

Contact staff

Full staff list

General distance learning resources for pupils

School subscriptions

Frog play- Hours of recall practice questions for all subjects. All pupils have own log ins. Contact Mr Papworth for details.

MyMaths- All pupils have own log ins. Contact your child’s maths teacher for further details.

Echalk- Curriculum-aligned activities, games, simulations and puzzles with a focus on learning through fun. Access via the link on Frog (see above)

Times Table rock stars- All pupils have own log ins. Contact your child’s maths teacher for further details.

Spell zone Y6- All pupils have own log ins. Contact your child’s English teacher for further details. Y6- All pupils have own log ins. Contact your child’s English teacher for further details.

General Websites

BBC Bitesize- Content for all subjects including video clips and revision quizzes

www.readworks.orgfree reading comprehension practice

Thousands of free resources –

Learning projects for year 6-

KS1 & 2 Activity books

Tiwnkl free to all for a month – and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS

3D CAD drawing for DT

Twitter links  Daily English activity videos    White Rose Maths packs and video resources

Kirklees Support Services

Thriving Kirklees

Health Care advice

Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Support

Healthcare Signposting

0300 304 5555

Northorpe Hall – Kirklees

Children’s mental and emotional health service

01924 492183

Kirklees Children’s services

Safeguarding Services

01484 456848

Services for young people

Thriving Kirklees

Chathealth – Text message services for young people – direct link to School Nurse



0800 1111


Support for Parents and Children

Parents/carers – 0808 800 5000

Children – Via Childline 0800 1111

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